Dry Cleaning

The multiple benefits of Grime Fighters’ Dry Carpet Cleaning services make it an easy decision when choosing your carpet cleaning provider.

Cost-effective. Great results. Fast dry time.

If your goal is superior results while protecting your family’s overall health, then you need Grime Fighters. The cutting-edge technology uses natural non-toxic detergents to ensure your family and pets are not harmed after the carpet is cleaned. This environmentally friendly professional carpet cleaning option also leaves you with a deep clean you can appreciate. Using 80% less water than steam cleaning, you can expect a dry time of less than 1 hour.

An exceptional customer service experience.

Grime Fighters has over 18 years experience in floor cleaning. To ensure our customers are satisfied with their carpet cleaning service, we use the most advanced commercial grade products available. Past clients are truly amazed by the capabilities of this innovative green carpet cleaning method.

Odor removal that works.

Due to the potential health risk to those who have compromised respiratory systems and for those who do not want to run the risk of getting them, we have quit using the enzyme based odor removal systems. Enzymes, once aerosolized, are capable of inducing sensory and pulmonary irritations which can led to asthma attacks and/or other more severe pulmonary reactions.

Have odor problems caused from pet urine?

The product we use now was designed for smoke remediation and attacks the odor causing molecules. It does have a nice Pine-oil & Wintergreen smell to it but by no means is it a masking agent. Once the fragrance has dissipated the odor causing molecules have been eliminated and your home smells clean once again. Not only is it excellent for cigarette and cigar odors, it kills pet odors and any other organic based odor as well. For the worst stains and odors, call on your trusted carpet cleaner at Grime Fighters.